Tonya Swan Hypnotherapy in Issaquah, Bremerton and Hawaii

About Tonya - Hypnotherapist and Author in Issaquah


Tonya Swan Author, Teacher and Therapist

She specializes in "Past Life" and "Life Between Life" regression Hypnotherapy. 


She is the author in Issaquah Washington. Tonya has written two books :

Heaven and Earth: What the Bleep Are You Doing Here?

The Flower's Secret and is currently working on several sequels.


Tonya has been to the " heaven or spirit world more than 350 times and unlike most people, she didn't have to die first. In her books, she freely shares what she learned about our purpose for being here on earth and what the heaven world is like.

Tonya's passion for the spiritual side of life is reflected in her work over the past 15 years in hypnotherapy and past life regression as well as in her writing and her life.

She is very knowledgeable about the other side and is willing to share this knowledge with others through speaking to groups and individual work helping people understand answers to questions like:

  • What am I doing here? 
  • Do I have a mission or a plan? 
  • Do things happen just as a coincidence? 
  • Do angels and guides exist or am I in this game of life all alone?  


She has been a health professional since 1975 using various modalities including" Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Aura Video Meditation Training, Reiki,  Health Coaching, Wellness Kinesiology, and Reflexology.

Her passion is helping people find their answers."

Originally from Portland Oregon, she now resides in Issaquah and Bremerton WA and works for three weeks a year in Hawaii.