Tonya Swan Hypnotherapy in Issaquah, Bremerton and Hawaii

Tonya Swan
Hypnotherapy in Issaquah

Author, Instructor and Hypnotherapist


 "Heaven and Earth : How it all Works

by Tonya Swan (Gamman) is not just someone's recollection of a near death experience (NDE) or out of body (OOB) trip. It's a past life, death, between life, life and OOB account that weaves profound teachings about heaven and earth into a personal story of two lifetimes that goes far beyond the brief glimpses and teachings gained in NDEs." Wayne Purdin


Tonya teaches Classes on Reiki, The Aura and Intuition Development.


She is a popular speaker in the fields of the afterlife, spirituality and the human aura.

She is also a respected Past life Regression Therapist and Newton Certified Life Between Life Therapist doing hypnotherapy in Issaquah, She also does hypnotherapy in Bremerton and Hawaii .


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 Have you ever wondered where people go after they die? Find out for yourself by doing a regression with

 Tonya Swan 

Life between Life Hypnotherapy   and Past Life Regression are Tonya's favorite therapies. Helping people to see for themselves who they really are,  what their life's purpose is and who are their soul mates, guides and council members. This is her passion


"I loved this book. It opened my eyes and heart to see there is so much more to life than I ever could have imagined. This book is extraordinary. You will not want to put it down. Great book for a book club, it is just so fascinating!!" 

Kelly Demetrio


I couldn't put the book down. For those interested in what life is like in the "Here After"-this book is a must read. Every word rang true to my being-it will for

you as well. Don't miss this book!"

Michael Wheeler 


Deborah Borman

 I spent a weekend with Tonya doing 2 regressions, and a LBL. All the information that came through was quite amazing. Tonya loves what she does, and is very gifted making a client comfortable with the process. For those wishing to look deeper into past lives, or what lies in between, I highly suggest contacting Tonya for an appointment.

 Rachel Combs

Tonya worked with my teenage son for the 2nd half of his senior year.  He struggled mightily with anxiety, depression, and motivation.  Thanks to his sessions with Tonya, he is now thriving in college and is well-adjusted in his new life.  I cannot thank Tonya enough for helping to give my son life-long success strategies.  He had worked with numerous counselors prior to her, but never felt a real connection with any of them.  Tonya' work with him has truly been life-altering. 

Melinda Raebyne

I reached out to Tonya Swan when I was trying to get a deeper understanding of a situation. I seemed to be stuck, unable to move forward while keep repeating the same behavior because of fear. I explain to her my situation and Tonya took time to understand it so she could personalize my session with her in order to get to the root of the issue. Not only was she able to identify the sources but Tonya gave me tools to take with me to empower myself. Tonya is a combination of professionalism and compassion. I highly recommend Tonya's services.

John Dalton

 Tonya Swan is an amazing hypnotherapy guide! She has a very kind and loving energy to help get you in the right head space for these deep dives into your mind and soul.  

We did a regression to when I was very young and started getting suicidal thoughts. That gave me a lot of clarity as to why I had those thoughts and a way to move forward.  

Then we did a past life regression where I found who I was in the life before this and figured out some lingerings of that life that are in this current one.  

Finally we did a Life Between Lives hypnotherapy session. With her guidance I was able to actually channel my spiritual guide and get direct answers to all of the questions I had for this life. Though some of the answers were vague of course.  

I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about diving deeper into their spiritual development. She has a lot of good insights about what you experience and options for help in further development. The insights I gained through her help will remain with me forever, I am so grateful I found her.   

Plus you get audio recordings of all of your sessions so you can go back and listen to exactly what was said. A huge help for sure

Deborah Kirkendall

  I love Tonya!!!  I did a past life regression and it was beyond amazing!!!!  I thought I would be able to do it, but Tonya is truly gifted at what she does. High recommend!!! 

Dolores Fleming


One of the best healers I have worked with!

Ardene Niemer

  Tonya is so kind and compassionate-- she really listens and is making a huge difference in my health and wellbeing.   She deserves all the stars! 

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