Books on the Afterlife




  • There are people you are supposed to meet?
  • There is a  soul mate or partner just for you?
  • You have a purpose or mission?
  • Things in your life are not a coincidence?
  • Someone is helping you. You can sense them but not see them?
  • Your life planned out before you got here?
  • Helpers exist or  I'm in this game of life all alone?


In Tonya's book "Heaven and Earth: How it all Works she confirms all of these and more about our life here on earth.

She confirms and validates near-death experiences, but goes far beyond that to confirm what our life on earth is really about.

She really explains in easy to understand language:



Her book is a fascinating chronicle of her two lives, her life in heaven in-between and over a year of daily lessons at age eleven with a master teacher visiting heaven while she was embodied on earth.

Tonya shares many of the experiences she had and lessons she learned during her daily trips to the spirit or heaven worlds.

Her goal is to help us better understand how this system works and how fair and loving it is, beyond anything we experience here on earth.


She explains that heaven is our true home, where our soul family is always with us and where there is freedom from negative emotional pain.  She goes on to explain that earth is, as many of us have guessed, a schoolroom. It is a place of great beauty, love, joy, and pain, where we come with others in a group to learn lessons of love. Lessons to deepen us and help us to become more like the master teachers, those saints, and sages who have walked the path on earth before us.   


  • Have you felt as though you knew someone but you had only just met?  
  • There is an exchange of energy that is indescribable?  
  • Even though this person is not related to you he or she feels like family?  
  • A synchronicity brought you together?  
  • That one is probably in your soul family or a mission group or even a soul mate. We often reincarnate with the same people lifetime after lifetime after carefully planning our lessons in heaven with our greater family and friends. We have often been together many times before. 


"Wonderful, insightful book. I really recommend it to anyone interested in life beyond life."

-Art L.
Beautiful, eloquent, and deeply inspirational! This book details Tonya's personal journey and path under the tutelage of Master Teacher Kuthumie. Her understanding of a past life in Ireland and her "heavenly lessons" offer comfort and hope to those desiring to live a spiritual life. I was going through a very difficult time when I read this book. Even though I am so focused on my "problem" that I lost sight of the big picture. This book helped bring it into proper perspective. It made stop feeling sorry for myself and use the crisis as an opportunity for spiritual growth. That's empowering!" 

-Nancy Huffnagel (Livingston, MT)
"I enjoyed this good read, and so will you. It kept me asking for more, more when I finished, and then I learned there will be a sequel. Looking forward to it.

-"Cynthia J. (Tuscon, AR)
"Couldn't put this book down and read it in one night. It explained a lot of questions I had about life. I suggest that anyone interested in heaven read this." 


This was a book that was difficult for me to put down. Tonya had such profound experiences as a child and sheds a lot of clarity on the afterlife. Having had a Life between Life regression by one of Dr. Michael Newton's hypnotists I can totally relate to what Tonya has experienced. It really broadens one scope on life and understanding that we chose certain life expediences to help gain greater soul growth. Excited about reading her next book.-
Bernadette J (Ohi, CA)

"After my brother died, a friend who had recently lost his wife recommended that I read Michael Newton's books. I did, decided to have a Life Between Lives session myself, and commenced my search for a practitioner trained in Newton's methods. The experiences Tonya relays in this book led me to choose her. The "between world" is the water Tonya swims in. She spent a great deal of time there during her childhood and continues to have access to it, which gives her a "literacy" most of us don't have. She is a well-qualified guide to the spirit world."

-Whidbey Island Lady

Tonya Swan, Books on the Afterlife in  Issaquah




People live on through the gifts of love they leave behind in the hearts of others they have touched. This is the profound message of this book.

The multiplication of gifts of kindness and the cycle of life is beautifully illustrated in this gorgeous book.

A beautiful keepsake to give someone who has lost a loved one.


Your book brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart."

-Vidya Quigley, Teacher


"It's a little gem with an important message to share"

-Michael D. San Souci, Author-

 "It touches the Inner Child."

-Marie Scoble, Bookseller


Recommended by Dr. Bunni, Ph.D.,

LA's famous child psychologist.


"Pure and simple beauty and a cosmic experience."

-Ron Strykert, Men at Wor