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Come find out who you really are!


Dr Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton 

Find your true self and life's purpose.

This is a way to look into the nature of your true soul self and find out what you are doing here on this lovely little planet we call Earth.

To even have a glimpse of who we really are is remarkable and provides deep insight and understanding of our real true nature and what our purpose in life is really about.

This therapy was developed by Dr. Michael Newton over many years of work with his clients: over 7000 clients and 25 years of his personal research went into developing the Life Between Life Therapy.   

There is so much more to us than we see with our eyes. We are a combination of who we  are today and of the many past lifetimes, we have lived as a soul.  

Life Between Life Therapy (LBL) 

was designed to help you to see that broader aspect of yourself: who you really are, not just what people see in your day to day outer self.  

"To me, there is nothing more meaningful in life than connecting to who we really are and really understanding what that means to us in our day to day life. It gives life meaning and purpose. The things that make us strive to be more and do more for ourselves and for others."Tonya Swan 

For more information watch videos below or go to Dr. Newtons website:


Tonya Swan 

Certified by the Newton Institute 

Life Between Life Therapy




Where to Start

Past life regression (PRL) is a great place to start the journey of self exploration though hypnosis to understand yourself, your purpose, motivations and  true desires. 

Past life regression (PLR) allows you to see  past lives you have you have lead and increases your understanding of  your soul aspects, relationships and contracts you may have with other souls.

Past life regression is different from Life between life therapy and it is a prerequisite for life between life work. 

PLR expands your understanding of who you are and LBL brings it to a fuller understanding: a deeper more complete experience.

Gain Skills

​​Past life regression is a good way to learn the skills needed to have a great life between life session.

Two PLR sessions are suggested before attempting the deeper and longer LBL session.​

Past Life Regression  

$200 for 2 hrs


Life Between Life  

$350 for 3.5 hr




LBL Retreat

Tonya now offers a one and a half day retreat option for doing the LBL journey. This is a great option for those coming from out of town or those who just want to immerse themselves in the  

regression process.

Get away from it all

Clients stay at her home in their own private suite on the Puget Sound with gorgeous views of the water and it's own private beach or they may stay in a hotel nearby.

The first two PLR sessions are done the first day morning and afternoon and the LBL is done the following morning.

This allows for a very deep experience of LBL therapy not to mention is a great getaway experience.

Clients can take lots of time to really relax and reflect on the process, their life and purpose. Tonya is also available to talk about the experiences and answer questions. 


  • Two PLR sessions, 2 hrs ea 

$200 ea x 2 =$400

  • One LBL session  3.5 hrs $350
  • Lodging in the guest suite $150 per day x 2 days = $300

  • Book signed and personalized $12.95

  • Talk time approx. 1 hr. plus $100

  • Recordings of the sessions n/c

  • Reg.Cost $1250 Package only $1000 



Dr. Michael Newton on Life Between Life

Example of an LBL

Taped LBL Session